Dr. Anna Suraev

Clinical Psychologist

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A caring and professional Clinical Psychology practice.

Dr. Anna Suraev is dedicated to creating a safe and warm therapeutic space to improve psychological functioning and emotional wellbeing.

Anna values working collaboratively and taking the time to build a strong therapeutic relationship in which individuals feel heard, understood, and supported.

Anna uses evidence-based approaches to help clients better manage life’s challenges and emotional difficulties, so that they can enhance their quality of life, feel more empowered, and align with their core values.

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Anna Suraev
Dr. Anna Suraev - Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Issues & General Life Difficulties

From anxiety, eating disorders and trauma, to stress management, life changes and relationships, Anna provides assessment and treatment for a range of clinical concerns and general life difficulties.

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Anna can hold sessions in person at the Broadmeadow office, over the phone or via video link.

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